2015 Edit

Thought I would do a little self edit from the footage I got in 2015, ended up only using footage from one day, 6th April! So here it is:

Had a nightmare learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro (first time editing with it) but quite happy with how it turned out. I then had more problems trying to upload it but eventually got it up today!

The reason I only used one days footage was that it was by far the best day with powder and good light conditions; it also didn’t help that I don’t have any videos of myself in Amsterdam and Val Thorens with Snowriders or in Scheffau.



More New Ski Kit

As you many have seen last week I got a new helmet; only due to the fact that I cracked my old one but that is by the by. I got a new version of my old helmet, the POC Receptor Bug, in green:


I have just added some more new kit now too, some new ski trousers. Being a big Oakley fan I am part of their loyalty scheme and received a voucher from them for £5 just before Christmas. It was only valid until the end of January and seeing as I am only at home for the next two weeks and working next week this week seemed like the obvious time to go in and spend it! So I did and decided after rather a long time looking to get myself some Oakley Task Force Insulated Cargo Trousers:


While I was there I also picked up some new long sleeved tops, this one is my favourite:


If anyone else is as big a fan of Oakley as me I can’t urge you enough to get a Loyalty card! You get 5% off every purchase and discount vouchers at different times during the year equivalent to 5% of what you spend, or that is my understanding anyway. They also send you a voucher for your birthday too!


Extra Day – Skiline Totals

I thought I would do an overall Skiline post collating all the days from the trip and showing the overall values.

I like the Skiline system purely because of how simple it is to use! It is a much simpler system than using a GPS app or similar on your phone as you don’t actually have to turn it on. Skiline does not require any input from the user at all, you simply go about your day and it collates the data every time your lift pass is scanned to allow you onto a lift. This is then used to calculate vertical meters covered, slope distance, no. lifts and length and finally ‘Minutes of Fun’ (how long you spent skiing).

The only downside to this method are the inaccuracies in the distance you ski, it takes an average of the routes that can be taken between two lifts, and the lack of speed data. But anyway, here are my days skiing:

Day One:


Day Two:


Day Three:


Day Four:


Day Five:


Day Six:


Day Seven:


Day Eight:



Vertical Meters: 52,004

Lifts: 165

Days: 8

Downhill Distance: 305.8 km


Day Eight – Home Time

Sat in the airport about to go through security but we are stupidly early, flight is not until 21:50 (it is now 18:31), so I have had a wander around the Winter Market and had some food now just watching the time go by.

DSC_0241 1.JPG

I spent some time today looking at the very green mountains and thinking of all the routes that normally exist over them which I have skied in the past. Pretty much everything in these photos is ski-able normally…

DSC_0215 1

I have skied through those trees before

DSC_0228 1

You can normally ski under this lift

DSC_0235 1

Those runs are normally A LOT wider

DSC_0236 1

This run wasn’t even open

DSC_0237 1

I never even manged to get over to that side as the run down was closed but looking at it, it probably would not have been worth it

DSC_0239 1

I have skied powder down the middle of there too

So yeah, this year was rather short on snow but I still enjoyed it and look forward to hopefully coming back next year, the main thing about the lack of snow that annoyed me was not being able to use my new skis; still unused!


Not a lot of skiing today as it was the last day and my foot was rather sore; a little swelling from where my foot appears to have been rubbing my boot meant it was rather uncomfortable to lock it in my boot.



Day Six – Christmas!

I woke up today to find that Santa had been and filled my stocking:

Sadly, I didn’t send my list off early enough to add a Lego 918, P1 or LaFerrari.

I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t skiing on Christmas day, it is all I can ever remember doing! I decided to head over to Söll and say thank you to the people responsible for getting me down and to the hospital on Tuesday. After that it was off to join the rest of my family for lunch in the sun.




Day Five – Christmas Eve

Just back from a fondue with my cousins and we are now waiting for the rest of the family to finish their meal before we join them so I thought I would use the time to write this up.

I had a much more productive but shorter day skiing today; late start, spent ages having lunch and then had to finish early but overall it was a good day and I got a good amount of skiing in compared to the last few:


Tomorrow will probably be a late start but I am hoping to do at least one big distance ski day (Tuesday was going to be that day before I crashed…), aiming for 80+km.


It as looking very green today, has been getting greener all week as the temperatures stay warm but there has been a lot of work done to keep as many lifts accessible as possible and runs open.

DSC_0181 1DSC_0180 1



Day Four – Not What The Doctor Ordered

Thankfully I am writing this from the comfort of the hotel rather than the hospital! I was discharged this morning with very few instructions:

  • Don’t do any sport/avoid body exertion for a week
  • Don’t watch bright screens/avoid audio-visual stimulation

Well before I was even given these I had already broken the second one having been watching YouTube since I arrived at the hospital, really enjoyed the latest MCM. I then proceeded to break the first one shortly after leaving.

After I was picked up I went in search for a shop which sold the POC Receptor Bug helmet, to replace the smashed one…


Which I eventually found in Söll, little change in colour and no stickers…yet.


After that I stopped by the hotel to get changed and then go skiing. It was absolutely amazing, cleared my head and made me feel much better, perfect weather too even if there was a lack of snow and it was getting slushy. Went past the crash site before the end of the day.


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Day Three – Hosptial

I am writing this from somewhere I don’t think I have ever written a post from before; a hospital bed, more specifically in Kufstein Hospital.

I decided after doing so little yesterday I would get up early and get loads of skiing in today, this was going really well until about 11, maybe just before. I was racing down to Söll to make it to the meeting restaurant at 11:30 and took a rather heavy tumble which cracked my helmet and  knocked me out! Thankfully I am ok but everything between 11 and probably 12/1 is very fuzzy and I am being kept in for observation until tomorrow morning. If all goes well I will hopefully be skiing again tomorrow after getting a new helmet.

image image

Skiline before fall:

Day Two – Clouds

I didn’t have a very productive day today; late start and generally not much skiing done as I spent the majority of the day with my family (or that is my excuse anyway). It was a little colder than yesterday, although I was still in a hoodie, and there were a lot more clouds. But all in all it was still a good day and much quieter than yesterday.


DSC_0131 2DSC_0130 2