Red Bull Harbour Reach

I went down to watch the Harbour Reach event run by Red Bull in the Albert Docks in Liverpool on Saturday and decided to have a play around with my camera, forgot my QX10 lens annoyingly so no good quality close-ups but that did give me the option to try the Time-Burst function on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. I also took a few still photos and some videos so here are some pictures from the day:

Frames from Time Burst Pictures:

DSC_000030 1 DSC_000031 1 DSC_000033 1 DSC_000039 1 DSC_000042 1 DSC_000058 1 DSC_000061 1 DSC_000061 3


DSC_0556 DSC_0557 DSC_0558 DSC_0561

I also posted a video on my Instagram on the day:

Already planning my next few weeks, only 3 weeks of my project left! Heading to the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot next month (15th August).


Only going on the Saturday but the schedule looks packed:

09:15  Calibration Flight at the Racetrack
10:00 CHALLENGERS – Training
11:00 Doors Open
12:00 Pilot Parade
13:15 Side Act – Apache
13:30 MASTERS – Training
15:00 CHALLENGERS – Qualifying
15:45 Side Act – FMX4ever
16:00 MASTERS – Qualifying
17:10 Side Act – Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll
17:30 Side Act – Chinook
17:45 Side Act – Breitling Wing Walkers
17:55 CHALLENGERS – Winners Ceremony
18:00 Pilot autograph session
18:30 Doors close

Definitely looking forward to this!




Just a quick update today, first off; Oakley have just released their new website! Definitely one of my favourite brands and worth a look. I also saw that they have a new set of goggles for this season, the Flight Deck, which look sweet and I can understand exactly why they chose that name. The look and concept seem very similar to the Canopy just with a lens mounted outside the fame like the Dragon NFX. This sounds perfect to me as it is a merge of the Canopy and NFX, both of which I have and both of which have their own pros and cons, so I think I will have to take a look at the Flight Deck.

Secondly I have just been sent a link for the Armada Oil & Water Movie online, worth checking out:

And finally; it was another windsurfing/sailing social last night at Bierkeller, very entertaining night and ended up spending about 5 hours and way too much money in there! Was planning on going to Warehouse after but as I didn’t get to Warehouse until 2am I wasn’t surprised they wouldn’t let me in. Picked up Georgia from Warehouse and took her home as she was completely smashed (to be honest I was not much better). Here are some pictures from Bierkeller, sorry for the awful quality:

20141015_223816_Android 20141015_225409_Android 20141015_225415_Android 20141015_234222_Android 20141015_234235_Android

So that’s about it for today, should probably start paying attention to my lecture now!


Windsurfing/Sailing Social

Just in from the Windsurfing social, started as drinks in Terrace but ended up heading to Halo for the rest of the night, really nice to meet all the new people and this years commity, looking forward to some good trips and will hopefully get use of the work van to transport all the society kit around to have a better choice/quality of kit; very tempted to join the Sailing society too which would be fun.

It was two of my flat mates birthdays today so dragged Charlie out to Halo; got to see a few friends and old house mates out which was sweet and have a nice brief catch-up. Now it is off to bed to recover for tomorrow, luckily I have no lectures until 1 and then no plans til I am driving to the the Armada Oil & Water Tour at Castleford, going with a mate who also isn’t skiing to meet up and get autographs etc from Mike Hornbeck and co.

Have done quite a few updates today but no photos so will try and get some photos of the Armada crew tomorrow along with some of the park session and will also upload some older photos too if I get the chance!